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Two New Screenshots and more from the world of Lords of the Fallen

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Last week, we shared the first in-depth tech showcase for Lords of the Fallen, exploring how HEXWORKS’ equally dark and ambitious vision has been brought to life by UE5. We are excited to share a further look into the dark fantasy world of Lords of the Fallen with two new screenshots; The first showcases the Umbral, a parallel world of horror and mystery, the second a treacherous boss battle to test your mettle.

Burial in Skyrest Bridge is Mournstead nobility’s ancestral privilege; perhaps due to favouring liminal places as crypts, or
simply to rest eternally high above the lesser that are beneath them.

All Dark Crusaders are considered elite representatives of their faith, but even so, very few possess the almost unnatural skill necessary to achieve the illustrious martial rank of Harrower.

Feast below upon UE5’s Lumen GI, Chaos Physics engine, and more state-of-the-art technologies that have enabled us to forge Lords of the Fallen

Discover what the world’s leading press had to say after being invited to see their first preview of gameplay.

PC GAMER – Lords of the Fallen’s creative director showed me its ‘horrible pains’ and ‘fingers of God’ and I must see more

‘Lords of the Fallen was built in Unreal Engine 5, and it’s the first game I’ve seen that genuinely looks like one of the tech demos Epic’s beeen showing off.’

EUROGAMER – The new Lords of the Fallen takes aim at Elden Ring’s massive soulslike success

‘It [Lords of the Fallen] looks like a big, challenging, fiercely detailed and crucially, inventive take on a dark fantasy RPG.’

PCGamesN – Forget Dark Souls – Lords of the Fallen will let you place bonfires

‘You get Umbral Seeds from exploring Umbral – the more dangerous version of the overworld you go to when you die, which you can explore while alive with a lantern that transforms the area it lights into its umbral counterpart, and is layered directly on top of the base game – and killing marked ones, but a drop isn’t guaranteed. Virtosu [HEXWORKS’ Creative Director] tells PCGamesN that these placeable bonfires are an “investment of time, luck, and drop rate,” and not something to be placed lightly.’

Gamespot – Lords Of The Fallen Makes You A Ghost Detective In Its Horrific Souls-Like World

‘Have you ever seen a conjoined twin rip away his better half and then twist their body into the shape of a demonic ape? Because I have. Lords of the Fallen has more than a few bosses that are a little messed up.’