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The vast Penitent tower winds upwards from dark fantasy Soulslike action RPG The Lords of the Fallen


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    • What kind of content can we expect post launch?

    • Do I need to be online at all times to play Lords of the Fallen?

    • Does Lords of the Fallen have a Photomode?

    • Can I unlock the Dark Crusader starting class without owning the deluxe edition?

    • I’m experiencing performance issues on PC?

    • What are the minimum requirements for PC?

    • Is Multiplayer Peer to Peer or hosted on servers?

    • Is Lords of the Fallen Steam Deck verified?

    • Do I need a paid subscription to play online?

    • Is cross-progression supported?

    • Is cross-platform supported?

    • What languages is Lords of the Fallen localised in?

    • Does Lords of the Fallen have character customisation?

    • Does Lords of the Fallen have co-op?

    • What platforms is Lords of the Fallen released on?

    • Where can I buy a physical copy of the game?

    • When was Lords of the Fallen released?

    • As a spiritual successor, it pays homage to the original while also fully modernising and reimagining the franchise, largely in response to fan, media and influencer feedback from the original game.

    • Is Lords of the Fallen a sequel or a reboot of Lords of the Fallen (2014)?