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IGN First | Lords of the Fallen: What Starting Class Should You Pick?

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HEXWORKS breaks down the starting class choices in Lords of the Fallen.

Prior to embarking upon the horrifying lands of Mournstead it is imperative that one moulds a vision of their champion, a vision that will strike unremitting fear in the hearts of all they encounter. Will you embody a small and nimble Exiled Stalker, who can slice through flesh with great haste, or perhaps grasp a blood-stained battle axe as a large bearded Udirangr Warwolf? Then again, will you find yourself stripped bare with only the rags on your back as the Condemned? You are only limited by your imagination…

“One of the most important decisions you’ll make in any Soulslike is what to go with for your starting class. Ultimately, you’ll be able to adjust your character to whatever build you want by levelling up your stats, but your starting class affects your playstyle where it often matters most…”

Quench your thirst for knowledge below and uncover IGN’s exclusive on Lords of the Fallen starting classes…