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All-New Screenshots - Explore the lands of Lords of the Fallen

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We’re excited to share with you all-new screenshots from Lords of the Fallen as we continue our journey beyond last year’s first glimpse of gameplay, and onwards to the next chapter of our story.

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Almost nothing remains of the once-blooming Kingdom of Mournstead, now little more than an expanse of scorched trees, arid fields, and forsaken buildings. Vivid and full of life in bygone days, these lands now lie veiled in ash, the only notes of colour provided by the rotting corpses of its denizens. Casting a horrific five-forked shadow over this sallow realm, colossal fingerlike crags cleave through its ground; an eternal forewarning of Adyr, the tyrannical god’s imminent return…

The Lightreaper’s sole purpose is to relentlessly hunt any lampbearer that threatens the resurrection of his fallen master, Adyr. Mounted atop a ferocious, three-headed winged creature, he silently glides through the forlorn skies of Mournstead in perpetual search of his prey. The extinguished lanterns of his past victims adorn the necks of his mount like trophies, a visual gloat of his immunity to such powers.

Labyrinthine and treacherous, the vast marshlands of the Forsaken Fen are home to the Shuja, who built their hamlets within the ruins of an old umbral civilization, now completely swallowed by the mire. Standing amidst the very heart of this morass stands an ancient tree that houses one of the beacons. Wreathed in baleful energies, whereas once it repressed Adyr, now it hastens his return.

While conjoined twins, Tancred and Reinhold, embody but one anatomy, the righteous zealot, Tancred, holds sway. As Chaplain of the Order and Master of Castigations, he restrained the heretical brother’s manipulation of the flesh since their accursed birth. In time, Reinhold grew bitter and corrupted, his festering ire manifesting upon Tancred’s body.

For centuries, Redcopse was the first destination for pilgrims heading to the Empyrean. But when the indomitable Rhogar spewed forth upon this world, its villagers were defenceless against such rage and savagery. The few survivors were forced to bend to the will of Adyr, such corruption outwardly manifesting over time thus rendering them unrecognisable.

The horrific truth behind this Congregator of Flesh resides within the Tower of Penance, a place where prisoners of the Hallowed Sentinels suffer horrific tortures. This gargantuan creature now haunts the underbelly of Mournstead, awaiting those hurled into the abyss in the name of purification.

This fog-shrouded, watery rot bed is home to the eerie Shuja folk: an elusive community of monstrous headhunters who claimed the Forsaken Fen as their hunting grounds centuries ago. Steeped in grisly rites, their gruesome effigies pervert these swamps – a stark warning to those that dare to intrude upon such marshland… and retain their heads.

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